Battery Assembly Process

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Creating a common module

Fives’ patented modular process allows for simple and scalable volume increases, flexibility for product changes and equipment redeployment. The standardized process design allows for greater efficiencies in cost, time to market, and floorspace.

  • Capable of processing all variations of battery components for low- and high-volume systems
  • Minimal changeover for battery type
  • Standard machine with only part touching and special tooling change


  • The modular design allowed to increase the non-recurring cost to lower total system cost
  • Minimum impact from adding more part models
  • Using standard proven components, devices and assemblies minimizes the engineering costs and risks


  • As more than 70% of the engineering and material cost is for common parts of the line, that will allow for substantial project timing improvement
  • Ability to increase throughput by adding modules


  • Industry leader in battery manufacturing throughput
  • Ability to increase throughput by adding modules


  • Works for most battery cell designs currently on the market
  • Improvement of production will be as simple as adding more modules (number of extra modules depend on part design)


  • Reduce required production area to less than 60% compared to current lines 
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