Fives visits the new "Want to Be" Trim & Chassis Assembly Shop in Rennes la Janais with PSA GROUP's Industrial Purchasing Department

Visite PSA Rennes la Janais 2019-FIVES

PSA GROUPE had entrusted Fives and its subsidiary Fives Conveying with the T&C handling facilities of the new vehicle final assembly plant in Rennes la Janais in 2017.

This visit was an opportunity for the Fives teams to share with PSA Groupe on the latest evolution and of the means of production to the final assembly lines. The Rennes la Janais site is the only production site in Europe for the Citro├źn C5 aircross (290 units per day) and the Peugeot 5008 vehicles (226 units par day). Several technologies have been implemented by Fives with the CFC HEMS carriers and CFC Frixline skillet, both with height-adjustable capabilities, the full kitting with the integration of AGV (Automated Guided Vehicles) solutions and just-in-time delivery solutions to point of fit (wheels, seats, parts kits, etc.)

The Rennes la Janais plant is now running at full volume including weekends thanks to the implementation of a 4th shift at the end of 2018. This site is the most modern of the PSA Group with a daily production of 516 vehicles for an annual capability installed of 150,000 vehicles.