Fives integrates an IIWA collaborative robot for CEA Tech

Robot Collaboratif et journee info copyright-FIVES

Fives integrates an IIWA collaborative robot for CEA Tech on its FFLOR platform dedicated to “L’Usine du Futur” (Factory of the Future).

Located on PSA Trémery site, this platform will test and validate new applications in particular for assembly. Integration is planned for 2017 first quarter.

Standardization for collaborative robotics:

To date, French legislation does not have harmonized standards to accompany integrators in the implementation of collaborative robots.

Fives and its Automation team participated in the working group organized by SYMOP (French association for manufacturing technologies) to enhance the standardization of collaborative applications

The group consisted of end-users, integrators and robot suppliers as well as FIM(Federation of Mechanical Industries), INRS (National Research and Safety Institute) and IUMM (Union for the Metallurgical Industry).

The first result is the consensus on the integration procedure and the importance of the machine risk assessment. Secondly, the finalization of the draft ISO standard TS 15066 as regards maximum efforts applied to the different parts of the human body.

Technologies of “L’Usine du Futur"

The collaborative robot is considered as an essential technological pillar in all the "L’Usine du Futur" projects.

Fives organized a morning of information to all its staff with the demonstrator IIWA of KUKA

The purpose of this presentation was to explain these robots’ abilities, their collaborative functions as well as their sensitivity of the effort return.

This new knowledge will enable us to invent solutions in technical break with the ones of the past.