Fives held a Safety Day at its Hericourt facility (France)

Automation Safety Day-FIVES

On Friday June 09th 2017, Fives Cinetic organized a safety day for all its staff at its Héricourt facility.

Fives held a Safety Day at its Hericourt facility (France)

Both with theory and practical gestures, the day was marked by road safety. In small groups, all staff was gathered around a road risk training program to assess the different situations in which each driver may have to cope with in his daily commutes, both personal and professional, and make him aware of the Risks on the roads.

One of the proposed workshops was "The frontal shock". This very demonstrative and safe animation makes it possible to get aware of the importance of a seat belt well attached and adjusted close to the body. Demonstration of a frontal impact at only 7 km / h was more convincing than a long talk

Drunk driving is the leading cause of road accidents in France. Driving fatigue is the leading cause of motorway accidents. A second workshop on this topic was therefore needed, with the aim of raising awareness around these risks. Each one equipped with goggles that simulate the effects of impairment under alcohol, drug taking or fatigue, followed an obstacle course.

And finally everyone was able to test on a driving simulator. The aim is to learn how to deal with unforeseen situations on the road, but also to brake urgently, which few drivers have the opportunity to test in real situations.

Health, Safety and the Environment are at the heart of Fives' social responsibility policy and Fives aims to reinforce and develop a strong Safety culture within the Group.