Expansion of the production capacity for Dacia in Romania

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Renault's best-selling car is, of course, the cheapest SUV on the market, the Duster 2. The sales of Dacia's new Duster 2 have drastically increased since it was launched in January 2018. Therefore, Renault will expand their production in Pitesti, its manufacturing site for Europe's range: entry, logan / logan MCV / Sandero & Duster.

Fives and its subsidiary Fives Conveying were chosen in March 2019 by the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance to build a complete new assembly line in its DACIA plant in Romania. This final assembly line goes from the paintshop to the final vehicle quality approval for shipment to the dealers.

The Automation teams from Fives will provide all the handling, including:

  • The flow of the bodies exiting from the paint shop with the installation of a paint stock sorting system facility
  • FIFO from paintshop to trim delivery conveyor
  • Pre trim line with adjustable height
  • The doors on / doors off conveyor with dedicated storage area as well as the door trim line delivery system
  • The 6’ OHC overhead conveyor trim line for body handling
  • Mechanical section for marriage decking (TMD) & undecking station for mechanical components (front axle / Engine & transmission / rear axle)
  • Sub assembly of mechanical parts and under-body preparation
  • Base frame, front axle, intermediate & rear axle pallets for decking based on a common platform
  • Carrying bases and lugettes forward / lugettes back and midsoles escape
  • Drop on wheels and quality inspections conveyors prior to shipment.

The completion of this turnkey project is planned from March 2019 to January 2021 with an installation phase beginning of 2020 for a commissioning period from mid 2020 until beginning of 2021. The production start-up is scheduled on 3 shifts in order to ensure an enhanced capacity of 15 vehicles/h adding to the current 65 vehicles/h. Fives renovated the entire final assembly shop in 2007 when DACIA launched the new LOGAN in the RENAULT group. This plant with 17 000 people is producing approx. 300 000 vehicles per year with 93% exported in central Europe.