Other Industries

Fives and the construction material industry

Whether it uses burnt clay or concrete, the construction material market must address many constraints :

  • heavy loads,
  • an agressive environment,
  • high production rates,
  • shapes that are sometimes not uniform,
  • an ever-increasing production diversity, especially for tiling accessories.

Thanks to Fives' experience, it can deliver solutions that are perfectly adapted. The systematic use of digital axes for the launch of the campaign of grippers or on manipulators ensures compatibility with the diversity of future production.

Fives and the marine industry

Today‚Äôs customers in the Marine industry, whether they are commercial vessel owners or pleasure craft require a variety of solutions to satisfy their ever changing requirements. Flexibility in manufacturing is the call for the day for boat and ship manufacturers.  When it comes to marine propulsion systems let Fives investigate and support those needs for flexibility and custom solutions. Experience in high and low volume assembly with the knowledge to select just the right amount of automation to provide the through put and quality that you are looking for.


Engine Propulsion, transmission gearboxes, wet drive and thruster systems, pod drives 


Used in manipulators, tile or brick stackers or unstakers, the high performance of etfa gantries is particularly well-suited to the burnt clay industry.

The optimisation of axes, the quality of the guiding and transmission systems provide high displacement speeds and precise positioning that is smooth and shock-free for the products ("H", tile holders, etc.).


For stacking,unstacking or palletisation, Five's robot integration expertise and its know-how in gripper design enables it to provide tailored solutions to the robotic requirements of the constrcution materials industry.

Interlinking and robotic handling