Market environment

The automotive industry is a key sector worldwide, with more than 80 millions of vehicles sold every year.
Today's highly competitive automotive market demands flexibility, innovation and high-tech solutions.
Manufacturers and suppliers are constantly adapting to meet increasingly stringent standards and boost productivity and flexibility.
It is at the heart of the challenge of developing industrial innovations and environmental and economic solutions

Fives in the automotive market

Fives is a historic partner of the global automotive industry. 

Fives supports manufacturers and suppliers in the development of their vehicle manufacturing processes by designing innovative automation solutions which combine quality, profitability and environmental concerns.

Final vehicle assembly lines

Fives provides final vehicle assembly line solutions for either new plant, existing line extension, cycle time optimization or production line relocation.




Assembly and sub-assembly fastening

Fives designs fastening stations which combine technology and human skills to fit smoothly into the assembly line:

Test & Measure performance

To ensure reliability and security, Fives designs software and product solutions for a wide range of tests and measures during and after the production process:

Mechanical structure and engine part casting and preparation

Fives offers solutions adapted to specific needs in fields of gravity casting aluminium foundries, aluminium high-pressre foundries, cast-iron foundries and blast furnaces. Fives also manage the turnkey integration of foundry plants.

Washing and deburring finished parts

Fives provides custom solutions for all washing and deburring activities, with a range of tunnel and chamber washing machines and deburring solutions using high precision tools:

Robotized and automated manufacturing and assembly stations

Robots are an essential yet complex part  of optimizing manufacturing lines and guaranteeing quality. Fives offers its expertise in designing, training, programming and installing robots for handling, palletization and processing.

Conveying and handling vehicles or elements during assembly

Fives develops overhead and  floor conveying solutions which combine safety and low energy consumption.


Custom software solutions

Fives develops bespoke software solutions to pilot and control automated equipment. 



Fives designs assembly equipment using welding, pressing and gluing as well as sealing and vibration reduction solutions. Fives also provides laser solutions.


Coatings and surface treatments for mechanical part protection

Fives develops decking stations to guarantee the performance and quality of parts.