Foundry parts production

Fives expertise in foundry processes

Fives develops dedicated solutions for a wide range of  foundry applications:

  • core assembly ou polystyrene model
  • spread coating
  • drying ovens
  • core recalibration and shaving
  • moulding assembly
  • gantries or mould wash robots
  • core breaker, shearing of molten streams, stalking
  • extraction of cast pieces
  • sand removal, shakeout
  • pre-machining (milling, drilling, sawing, measurement, deflashing, deburring, etc.)
  • pieces inspection (dimensional, magnetic particle, etc.)
  • cast pieces cooling systems

Capacity of turnkey integration of foundry plants:

  • loading of an insert on the machine to be moulded
  • automation of press unloading
  • automatic palletisation and packaging
  • loading/unloading of machining and conveying machines

By drawing on standard products or other components, Fives provides the best solution to all problems related to production workshops. Fives has a team of experts who can assist you in carriying out your projects in co-developement or concurrent engineering.


Remmoulage 725 402-FIVES

Fives proposes solutions adapted to specific needs in the fields of gravity casting aluminium foundries and aluminium high-pressure foundries. 


IMG 2579 Web-FIVES

Thanks to its expertise in washing and drying systems, Fives has developed cooling solutions for cast pieces that are perfectly suited for foundries.

Deburring station pre-machining

09-07-31 -FIVES

Fives designs and integrates deburring solutions fitted with custom tools, adapted to the customer's parts. 

Deburring station part-finishing

Fives Cinetic Corp Part Finishingr Deburr1-FIVES

Fives machine tool approach to deburring your parts provides the reliability you need at the cycle times production requires.


Casse jet PSA Charleville 725 402-FIVES

Fives designs and produces systems to eliminates burrs after moulding, feed jets and casting conduits adapted to the specific requirements of its customers. 


Sciage circulaire 725 402-FIVES

Fives proposes a compact cylinder head spring machine that works independently on the production line or is integrated into the workflow. 

Core preparation

 CPV0191 725 402-FIVES

Fives assists its customers in the turnkey production of core preparation lines that include: 

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