CFC Power&Free conveyor

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For independent loads

Technical data sheet

The CFC Power&Free is an overhead conveyor with double track and forged chain.

Operating principle

In the upper part, a chain with drive fingers continuously moves.
In the underside, the carrying trolleys roll in a laminated U track.
The chain is connected to the carrying trolleys by a retractable driving dog.
The carrying trolleys can be stopped on stoppers (workstation) or be collected in storage lines.

The carrying trolleys constitute a carrier.
The number of carriers depends on loads to carry.
Load capacity in 6’’ version: 10 000 kg
Temperature resistance up to 250°C.

Technology for heavy and long loads.

Ideal solution for :

  • On line storage, at an angle
  • Transfer between two conveyors chains (low, fast)
  • Inclined track for level modifications or drop section
  • Stop units
  • Switches
  • Chains with varying speeds
  • Very long lines

Advanced management by computer coding RFID or by follow-up.

This Power&Free technology is used in surface engineering workshops, in assembly workshops and also as inter-buildings link.

CFC Power&Free conveyor functioning system


  • For long and isolated loads
  • Operating flexibility
  • Modular design
  • The loads stop at the workstations
  • Derivation of the loads depending on their destination
  • Automatic running

Proven technology

The overhead conveyor CFC Power&Free has been installed all around the world. Its robustness and its performances ensure a high working level and an easy maintenance.

The overhead conveyor CFC Power&Free is available in several sizes :

  • DV23
  • DV3’’
  • DV4’’
  • DV6’’

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