CFC FrixLine conveyor

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Friction drive conveyor CFC FrixLine

For independent loads with friction

Technical data sheet

The CFC FrixLine is an innovative friction drive conveyor system.

Specialized in the development of overhead and floor-mounted chain conveyors, FIVES Conveying offers a new type of equipment based on a friction-drive system: CFC FrixLine.

The CFC FrixLine is taking into account the industrial and environmental expectations of the future.

To reduce the number of friction drives, multiple load bars can be catched all together like a train requiring just a single drive for the full assembly.

Operating principle:

The CFC FrixLine converts the traction output of the conveyor’s motors into thrust force to move carriers throughout the assembly line.


CFC FrixLine's main modules:



  • High reliability
  • Handling of isolated or inter-linked loads
  • Compatibility and adaptability on the existing Power & Free chain
  • Fully flexible handling system
  • Wide range of speed
  •  Energy efficient
  • Savings up to 90% on equipment maintenance
  • Cleaner technology (avoiding oil and grease)
  • Significant reduction in noise levels
  • Reduction in the environmental impact
Friction conveyor CFC Frixline overview
  • Overview of the equivalent range to the CFC 6’’ conveyors
  • Nominal load up to 7 Tons on 4 trolleys
  • Speeds :  0,5 to 20 m/min
  • Train of loads possible for assembly lines or other

Friction technology for innovative production lines

The line consists of vertical and horizontal curves and can meet all types of constraints related to the implementation of production lines, assembly lines, storage or other logistics.

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