CFC EMS / e-EMS conveyor

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Overhead conveyor CFC EMS or automotor

For individual loads

Technical data sheet

The electrical overhead conveyor EMS (Electrical Monorail System) is also known as automotor, it is based on a powered trolley supported on an aluminium track. Traditional busbar or power induction with WiFi could be used (CFC e-EMS).

Operating principle

The electrical overhead CFC EMS conveyor is composed of trolleys carrying individual loads at low or high speed.

  • Loads from 50 kg up to 5 t (2 sizes of track available as per EU norms)
  • Speed : from 0 to 120 m/min as per layout constraint
  • Real-time supervision of each trolley
  • On-board energy capabilities such as electrical testing, rotating, lifting, clamping
  • Conventional or WiFi intelligent trolleys 

CFC EMS electrical monorail track


  • Clean installation (oil free)
  • Energy efficient
  • Simplified and modular conceptions
  • Suitable for long distance layout
  • Each trolley has its own logic and control
  • Easy to implement
  • Reduced height
  • Low noise
  • In WiFi, centralized remotely management for the parameters of all the trolleys
  • Power induction

High speed technology

The CFC EMS exists in 2 versions :

  •  VDI 500 for loads of 500 kg/trolley
    Moving loads up to 1 000 kg
  • VDI 3000 for loads of 3 000 kg/trolley
    Moving loads up to 6 000 kg
Automotor VDI 500 (CFC EMS)

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