CFC Slat conveyor

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CFC Slat conveyor

Loads (and workers) travelling alongside the assembly line

Technical data sheet

The CFC Slat conveyors are floor conveyors, single or double track, with stainless steel or plastic conveyor belt.

  • From 80 kg up to 10 t carried
  • Temperature range from -20°C up to 150°C
  • All type of areas, workshop, shower-tests or drying booth
  • Better workstation ergonomics

Operating principle

The CFC Slat conveyor is suitable for running with variable, continuous or step by step pitch.
Improved ergonomics with on-board operators.
Fix or variable speed operation.

CFC Slat conveyor at shower exit


  • Ergonomics
  • Designed according to the load by working pitch (100 kg up to 10 t)
  • Suitable for specific environment such as dry/wet, and low/high temperature
  • Length until 200 m
  • Total loads until 150 t

Proven technology

The CFC Slat conveyor has been installed all around the world. Its robustness and its performances ensure a high working level and an easy maintenance.

The CFC Slat conveyors are available with single or double track in different ranges:

  • CFC Slat stainless steel conveyor
  • CFC Slat aluminium conveyor
  • CFC Slat composite conveyor
  • CFC Slat Belt conveyor

  • CFC Slat conveyor

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