Welding stations

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Robot de soudure echangeur-FIVES

Automation of welding lines

The lining up of bending, welding and brushing operations affords an opportunity for significant gains in the manufacturing industry.

Fives proposes solutions for automating complete welding lines, including for small and medium production runs, which combine high loading capacity and robotic flexibilty: from the collaborative welding station to the flow line setup.

Fives proposes the automatic loading and unloading (robot or gantry) of the cell equipment until the robotisation of the welding process. 

Thanks to its ability to develop flexible grippers and its robot integration know-how, Fives enables its clients to optimise flexible welding lines including for large-sized work pieces.

Welding flow line setup

The setup of the welding flow line mainly concerns medium and large-sized series of pieces or small-sized pieces.

The robotic welding solutions provided by Fives increase the productivity of the cell by reducing the loading and unloading time thanks to automation.

Fives proposes the solution that is most suitable to its customer's needs :

  • robots
  • gantries
  • robots on track motion systems
  • mechanisation by conveyor
  • transfer, etc.

Welders can still manage the installation thanks to user-friendly operator interfaces.


  • Optimisation of process times of welding robots
  • Decrease in work in process
  • Decrease in the size of production batches
  • Welders can manage the installation thanks to user-friendly operator interfaces
  • Interlinking and robotic handling

Collaborative welding cells

Collaborative welding manly concerns large-sized pieces as well as small produciton runs or custom manufacture.

The pieces are repositioned and the robot trajectory is defined by probing the piece (fully automated).

Welding parameters and the position of the torch are adjusted in real time.


Dimensions :290mm x 500mm à 800mm x 2500mm
Thickness of sheet :de 0.12mm à 0.15mm
  • Soudage table inox TIG-MAG-FIVES
  • Ligne de soudure 3D 725 402-FIVES
  • Ligne soudage 725 402-FIVES
  • Robot de soudage collaboratif-FIVES

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