Specific solutions


Reversing device

  • Loads from 1 to 10 t

  • No impact on the building

  • Integrated loading/unloading

  • Totally automated station

Schéma retourneur
Chariot avec déplacement multidirectionnel de la charge

Trolley with multidirectional product movement

  • Load 2000 kg

  • Self-contained or with trains

  • High ergonomics 

Schéma chariot avec déplacement multidirectionnel de la charge

Decking station for articulated vehicles

  • Load 8500 kg

  • Flat decking

  • Semi-automatic station

  • Reinforced operators sdafety

Schéma poste de couplage
Elevateur 4 mats

Elevator 4 masts

  • Load 3000 kg

  • Large range of possibilities

  • Wide range of options

  • High lift speed

Schéma elevateur quatre mats
Balancelle automotrice rotative

Rotary propelled carrier

  • Movements on X and Z-axis, turning in Y

  • Load 2000 kg

  • Operators safety

  • Ergonomics solution

  • Variable speed

Schéma balancelle automotrice rotative
Table elevatrice pivotante

Lift turn table

  • Load 20000 kg

  • Easy transfer to the workstation

  • Operators safety

  • Ergonomics solution

Specific solutions

Schéma table elevatrice pivotante

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