Customized processing solutions


Succesful process standardisation can be achieved through the perfect understanding of needs and ressources and through the control of technical and industrial risks. Since 1971, Fives has developed many automated applications in many industry segments.

Wheter it is for a technical machine base or for robots, after the expression of needs, Fives validates the feasibility, works with the customer to define the concept and proposes solutions that comply with the highest industrial standards.

This collaboration results in high performance installations that are very productive, scalable and adjustable, over which the customer maintains the control of processes.

Thanks to its dual competency in mechanics and automation, Fives proposes mechanised systems that are centred on high speed reliability and availability.


There is a single point of contact dedicated to the engineering of the entire project from A to Z.

The guarantee that the best solution will be recommended for a given need.

Processes and organisations that have been tried and tested in the automative industry.

Right from the preliminary project, the client can take ownership of the facility, by playing an active role in the design of the machine.

The guarantee of a rapid launch.

Expertise applied to a variety of sectors and applications :

  • heat treatment,
  • wood-cutting with water at high pressure,
  • crimping,
  • surface treatment,
  • welding,
  • robot machining,
  • deburring,
  • brushing,
  • cleaning,
  • inspection (dimentional, tightness, visual, etc.)
  • finishing,
  • gluespreading,
  • filling,
  • glass handling, etc.

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