Process Evolution

Evolution de process 1-FIVES

With Fives, reach your new expectations.

  • Improvement of the manufactured product
  • New constraints integration
  • Existing production capacity optimization
  • Spare parts diversity management
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Evolution de process 2-FIVES

I have been able to answer to the new quality expectations required by my customer

Industrialization manager,

The changing expectations of your customers impose to integrate a larger diversity of parts. This implies more efficient processes in terms of repeatability, flexibility, cadences, availability and quality. To help you in those evolution steps of your process, Fives is engaged on improved performance based on systematic approach.

Evolution Methodology

  • Simultaneous engineering
  • Take into account the new expectations
  • Definition of a solution to be set up
  • Modification study
  • Realization and integration
  • Documentation supply
  • Support during the launch of the new product 
Evolution de process 3-FIVES

Customers references examples

  • Integration of a completion cell for a new cylinder head (Montupet)
  • Evolution of a assembling line (Essieux, ACI)
  • Modification of a valve fitting guide cell (JOHN DEERE)
Evolution de process 4-FIVES
  • Performance commitment
  • Engineering office of 42 persons
  • A long experience in the evolution field

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