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    Fives is committed to providing innovative solutions and project management all over the world

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    Fives provides automated & final assembly solutions from conveying, engineering services, fastening, foundry, gantries, guiding systems to software solutions and testing

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    Enterprising Partner

    Fives offers a value-added partnership from the design to commissioning for complete customer satisfaction.

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    Ultimate performance

    Fives provides the most compelling core technologies that meet the specific needs in highly specialized markets.


Custom solutions  for all washing and deburring activities: tunnel and chamber washing machines and deburring solutions using high precision tools.


Automated assembly solutions: equipment for glazing & gluing, testing, press fit, welding, gaging and decking stations, robotics.


Fastening stations using either automated or manual fastening equipment.

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Solutions to convey and handle vehicles or elements during the assembly phase: Overhead and  floor conveying solutions.


Solutions for part casting and preparation: casting, core preparation, pre-machining


Software and sensor technologies, valve lash adjustment, noise vibration, vision test, torque measurement, etc

Interlinking & Robotic handling

Robotized and automated manufacturing and assembly stations for handling, palletization and processing.


Engineered solutions to web and strip guiding users: steel finishing lines, printing presses, carpet coating lines, tire producing plants, etc

Engineering & Software solutions

Custom software solutions to pilot and control automated equipment.

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